About Us

The lab is at the intersection of the School of Computer and Communications Science, and the School of Architecture, Civil and Environmental Engineering. We draw from a variety of academic fields, including architecture, design, computer science, psychology, anthropology, cognitive science, economics, and material sciences.


To create a dynamic laboratory for the study and design of new media and digital technologies to enhance everyday environments and everyday life.

We explore the vision of bringing physical and virtual environments together, by designing, making, prototyping and testing new interactive artifacts, objects, surfaces and spaces.

Our initial foci include:
(1) the integration of physical computing (sensors, actuators, RFID, LEDs, etc.) into the built environment,
(2) the study and design of digital space, such as 3D information navigation interfaces and game environments,
(3) on a more theoretical level, the understanding of design thinking,
(4) Human-Computer Interaction, especially for creative applications and through mobile devices.