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patrick on 26|10|2010
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Hi Trevor,
You told me friday there was a way to import 3D models in processing. I have made some researches and found those links obj and 3ds but I am not really sure if this is what I need.
I managed to do some different mesh and I wanted to try them


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  1. Trevor Trevor says:

    have you tried this library yet? I’ve never used it, how is it working. The danger is importing the file and then not being able to control the data formats. Added to this is the impossibility of editing the obj (or 3ds).

    It will be more useful to import the mesh as data and reconstruct it in Processing to take advantage of the object-based and parametric relationships.

    There is a new rhinoscript on the SVN here ( which will create better text files for mesh importing -i.e. with faces constructed parametrically from point arrays.
    If you haven’t used rhinoscript before go to ‘Tools‘ then ‘Rhinoscript‘ then ‘Edit
    open the .rvb file within the window that pops up and press the ‘Run‘ arrow. Rhino will then ask you to select the mesh, and two new .txt files will be created on your desktop. One creates the Pt array and the other tells processing which points to connect within each face.

    A .pde sketch which imports these can be found on the SVN here ( Remember to put your mesh’s .txt files in the data folder.

    • patrick patrick says:

      I tried it but it’s really complicated. The 3DS one comes with some examples and I tried to modify them for my terrain but I didn’t manage to do it, I will try your solution I just hope my mesh is not too complex

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