Data charrette


To jump-start the mapping exercise and provide an empirical basis for our analyses we will collect and visualize relevant environmental data related to the site. Such data might include:

  • incident solar radiation, duration and intensity;
  • wind, direction and speed;
  • temperature;
  • rainfall;
  • humidity;
  • atmospheric pressure.

The collected data and visualizations will be compiled into a studio source book which will provide a shared launching point for your dynamic mapping analyses.
The objective of the exercise is to utilize visual and graphical strategies to clarify and make comprehensible complex data sets. The visualizations should illuminate existing patterns and phenomena that cannot be otherwise discerned. In other words, you are to be critically objective and seek to make a discovery.

  • Raw datasets in convenient format
  • Diagrams, graphs, tables, charts, tree maps, timelines, or any other existing or invented visualization of data
  • One to two page report listing your sources, methods and motivations for visualization, conclusions, and potential directions for further study
  • present visualizations 10h15-12h00 Friday 01 October
  • submit data visualizations for assembly into studio sourcebook by 12h00 Monday 04 October
  • publish blog post by 12h00 Monday 04 October

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