Desert campus


Create a proposal for the EPFL Middle East campus


Essential goals:

  • to develop environmental and context-specific design strategies;
  • to react to the given program brief;
  • to incorporate lessons from the exploratory exercises;
  • to identify distinct zones, formal types, and repetitive elements within the campus;
  • to describe the architectural qualities of at least one building.

Advanced aims:

  • to demonstrate the capabilities of a robust and multi-scalar module or modules;
  • to interpret program as an organizing concept beyond the conventional notion of use and area;
  • to strategize for growth and/or decline of the campus over time;
  • to utilize Grasshopper for the benefit of your explorations;
  • to exhibit a sophisticated and original aesthetic sensibility.

Role in design process:

  • to synthesize and prioritize your ambitions and intuitions identified in the exploratory exercises;
  • to develop a schematic yet complete campus proposal which will be developed and refined for the remainder of the semester;
  • Two (2) A0 print boards:
  • Recommended: animation or live demonstration: parametric variation or proposal fly-through
  • Selected projects: digital slideshow

Note: the mid-term will be run jointly with George Katodrytis’s Form_less studio at the American University of Sharjah as a poster session. Several projects will be selected to present to the group in more detail. Every project will have a debriefing session with the staff the morning after the review to get specific targeted feedback and to help strategize the next steps.


Mock presentation 10h15 – 18h00 Friday 25 March
Mid-term review 13h00 – 18h00 Thursday 31 March
Reaction & debriefing 9h00 – 11h00 Friday 01 April


Focus on the deliverables. Once you have a coherent – if schematic – proposal, its development and refinement comes much more easily.

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