Dynamic mappings


For the first phase of the semester you will analyze the EPFL Middle East site and context as a dynamic system of forces that create patterns of potential development over time. Your topics and methods of analysis must address the difficulties of inhabiting the harsh desert environment and the uncertainty regarding the speed and scope of the site’s development.
The objective of the analyses is to derive an informed reading of the site that remains abstract and critically distanced from any specific design proposal while identifying unique potentials for spatial innovation and architectural invention.

  • Data Charrette: collect and visualize specific environmental data as a series of static diagrams, graphs, tables, charts &c. to be shared as a resource for the entire studio
  • Contextualization: translate one or more data visualization to the project site as a map of environmental forces
  • Disruption: conceptualize a design strategy as a force which conflicts or disturbs your environmental analysis
  • Speculation: design a simulation for analyzing the interaction of these forces over time and with nondeterministic potential
  • Recognition: critically observe the impact of your system and identify patterns of development conducive to the sustainable and compelling use of the site
  • Digital slideshow
  • Animation of dynamic map
  • Printed cinematic series of diagrams (template to be given)
  • Physical analysis model
  • Supporting representation as needed case-by-case
  • present Data Charrette material 10h15-12h00 Friday 01 October
  • submit data visualizations for assembly into studio sourcebook by 12h00 Monday 04 October
  • publish blog post by 12h00 Monday 04 October
  • present Dynamic Mapping 10h15 – 18h00 Thursday 04 November
  • publish blog post by 12h00 Monday 08 November

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