Course resources

Superstudio Platform

The Organicit├ęs studios use a web-based CourseWare platform for the instruction of architectural design. Composed of a set of applications giving an overview of activity, the platform enables online collaboration and encourages project-centric research in which students can share knowledge freely. Students interface with two primary components of the platform:

  • Frontend: The ‘home base’ featuring course documents and student blog posts
  • SVN Repository: The file-sharing and version-management backend which makes real-time, distributed collaboration possible

The immediacy and tangibility of physical models provide essential feedback for digital design. Students are expected to move between physical and virtual media throughout the entire semester. In addition to the prototyping facilities at the Atelier des Maquettes, the lab has a laser-cutter available for your use. For the mid-term review a series of study models is explicitly required. The final phase of design will focus on the creation of a large-scale prototype.

Studio Look Book

The staff has compiled an illustrated bibliography of print and web-based resources of interest to the studio. The Look Book focuses on images and is meant to be an easy to peruse guide to more in-depth sources.

Ad-hoc Workshops

As the course progresses it becomes more difficult to present material that is universally relevant to all members of the studio. The staff will try to accommodate all requests for further instruction on all topics, techniques, or tools with which we are suitably competent.

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