The following analysis is directly linked to the precedent exercice. The over all idea is to show how the facade of the trutec building was build and to extract some components that I could use for the project of the Piraeus tower.

The structure of the Trutec Building is  conventional . Pilars, slabs and facade. All the effort was made on the secondary structure. The complexity of the kaleidoscopic effect of the fragmented glass is actualy complitly optimized. All the glass was prefabricated and only 1o panes where necessary to create this effect.

GH definition

The logic and the optimization of the construction of the Trutec Building is something that I would like to keep for the Piraeus Tower project. The way it was made and the result it gives is a succes.

In term of the shape of the glass, i don’t think that i will work with it. But the idea that there is something happening on the upper part of the tower (difragmentation of the glass) might reinforce this idea of singularity that i would like to give to my project(Esquisse analysis).

Small comparison:

Piraeus Tower:

  1. Latitude: 37°58′N / Longitude: 23°43′E
  2. Location on the site: Next to the port of Piraeus.
  3. Uses: offices

Trutec building:

  1. Latitude: 37°35′N / Longitude: 127°03′E
  2. Location on the site: Industrial zone
  3. Uses: offices

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  1. abe kinny says:

    Hello, Stephane. I am really impressed by all the great work you and your classmates have posted! I am just starting a study(grad school) of the Trutec building facade and would love to correspond with you on a few details and more info on your gfx definition. If you have the time please send me an email akinne5@lsu.edu . Thanks and keep up the great work!

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