∏-raeus rippling waves facade

This is the midterm presentation panel:

Rippling Waves facade.

I.Main Concept

a.Iconic re-branding of the tower as a symbol of Piraeus.
i.The tower is a very strong landmark in the skyline of Piraeus, visible from every hill in the city and from the sea. Among many others, the 3 million annual visitors of the Acropolis and the 20 million passengers transiting through the port of Piraeus every year get to see this Iconic building. The port activities have always been a main development factor for the city of Piraeus, this is why the Rippling Waves facade should express this strong connection to the sea by referring to the water imagery.

b.Combinatorial optimization of potentially conflicting contextual concerns

-The structural rhythm of the existing building provides a rigid material module that should not be ignored.  The proposed system subdivides the structural module to obtain a suitable material module for the system’s components.  In this way, the waste of material is minimized.

-Heat gain is a primary concern in the Greek climate, especially for a tall glazed building with southern exposure. The system wraps the glazed envelope with a layer of louvers to deflect solar radiation before it reaches the building’s thermal enclosure thereby preventing the overheating of the building, minimizing conditioning loads, and improving both the economical and ecological performance of the facade.

-The tower offers unique views to landmarks in Athen’s urban fabric:

SW/SE_Church and park
N_ Piraeus market

E_Piraeus Stadium
SW_port entrance, opening to the sea

The louvers are used to frame desirable views thus creating visual connections between significant portions of the building’s interior and the context.

-As mentioned before, the Piraeus tower throughout its dimensions is a visible icon in Athens skyline, and works as a landmark for the port of Piraeus. When observed from various hills in Athens or from the sea, the relation of the tower to the sea is quite clear. However, the   iconic branding of the tower from closer viewpoints has to refer to the larger context.

a.Material description
i.Inner skin = glass and steel frames.
1.Clean and simple weather barrier that resolves both the scale of the existing structure and the dimensionality of the system’s materials in order to minimize waste.
ii.Outer layer = DuPont Corian® louvers
1.Oriented to minimize heat gain
2.Rotated to frame views
3.Twisted to provide iconic reading
b.Flagship demonstration of the properties of DuPont Corian® such as translucency, continuity, smoothness and its capabilities of transformations: thermoforming, milling, etc. reinforces the iconic performance of the building.

a.The Rippling Waves facade is a parametric design derived from following analysis: existing structure & new facade components modularity, climate, solar radiation, view and iconic perception.

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