final deformable skin

The following post has to be seen as a continuation and completion of the overall process and especially of the last post. Its content doesn’t represent the intire project but has to bee seen in the context of the previous ones.

At the port of Piraeus this tower rises on a very prominent site with a vital surrounding. To resolve the problem of the sleeping giant, this project proposal suggests a deformable skin which creates interactions on different levels between the Piraeus Tower and its context.
Taking the current structure as starting point, surrounding urban hotspots attract parts of the façade to reconfigure. These occurring deformations provoke synergies with the surrounding which allow new happenings and revaluate the whole area.
At one side the skin stretches to provide a roof for the market and its lively atmosphere penetrates the ground floor. On another side the skin allows building a pedestrian bridge across the busy road and creates a stronger relation to the waterfront and the port.
On the plinth the structure covers an open space and grows then upward approximately following the existing structure until it detaches again from the existing to end the tower at its top.
The new stairway climbs up and changes the skin as well. The parametrical creation of the structure which follows the form of the deformable skin undertakes several steps of adaption and optimisation to suit its structural and programmatical needs.
The deformable skin starts its life as a new appearance at the port of Piraeus whose tubular steel structure interacts with its surrounding. The facets are empty or faced with aluminum frames holding different infill panels which will changed over time. The so called “sleeping giant” gets lively and looses its name when people start to occupy the empty space. As the stairway will serve all the stories from the beginning on, the occupants can choose their level as they wish.


REPRESENTATION in drawings and renderings

visualisation of the market penetrating the Piraeus Tower

visualisation of an interior conected to the staircase

visualisation of the tower in the urban cotext

the following drawing shows the different materialities and how they’re connected with each other

During the final week I was building a model at a 1:5 scale which shows the different aspects of my project. the new structure is attached to the existing and is attracted to the outside to cover and hold the new staircase. The tubular structure and its joints are shown in an abstraction using wooden components.

GH-file creating the structure in lines
GH-file translating the lines into tubes and adding joints
PDF of the presentation

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