Pixelated Lighthouse_GHX definition

GHX definition:

Here is a summery of the Gh definition. The 4 facade are made in the same definition and the color are related to the context. The red is for the south and the dark pink for the north. The grasshopper definition works with the Rhino file that I uploaded on this blogpost.

Basically the glazing reacts at two inputs by rotation: the first one, is made by an image mapper which rotate the windows on two axis, vertical and horizontal. The second one is by defining reflection on specific points of view. Then, a sort of feedback between both system is applied.

Closer look at the SOUTH facade:

7 main steps:

1_size of the overall/  2_dividing the base geometry/   3_defining the axis of rotation

4_convert number to image mapper/  5_rotation by  I.M. / 6_rotation by normal plane

7_feedback image mapper-normal plane

In the last part, a small VB.net code is written  (shawnabeT) to control the number of panels which are controlled either by the point of view feedback or by the image mapper. The percentage can be evaluated depending of the difference between the two panels. The result is an overall image from far away and a specific reflection from a middle point of view.

South and west facade       .

The 3 last diagrams show the points that affects the geometry. The squares are the elements that will be reflected on the facade and the spheres are the point of view where the effect will be visible.

Grasshopper file: download

Rhino file: download

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