piraeus transparent origami

The Building skin can be seen as a folded plane, compressed in the vertical direction. It is made through the juxtapostition of a basic origami pattern. This allows, as in the Siamese towers, some distance between the inside and structural core, and the outside volumetry.

A pattern will be applied to the skin, so that it will on the one hand protect from the sun, and on the other hand make views on the city and the see possible :  The goutside skin is covered by a grid which is regular. On the southern facade, the sides that point to the sky are made through the addition of another grid which is irregular and helps adding an extra layer to reduce the sun rays.

The section reveals the void in between, with two layers of glass, one on the existing structure, and the other at the back of the grid. At some points defined by interesting view points, this layer is deleted to allow the establishement of small terraces.

The openings for terraces are closed gradually, and not strictly on a line. Someof the openings remain close to the big one, so that the transition is made fluently.

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