x1_trutec building

Trutec building Seoul, Korea 2006

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In a first look, it seems that the Trutec facade is quite arbitrary. But in fact, the rules are defined very precisely. Two basic modules displaced in space by a really strict logic create the over all facade.

GH definition: The link to it will be available soon

Here is the start. You can enter the size of the facade by two simple curve.

Then the over all surface is divided by a number of rectangle wich are maintaining the hight. The size can be changed by a slider.

The main GH definition was found on the grasshopper blog click here. This part of the definition is more or less the rest of it. It allows us to generate a point into the surfaces wich moves on the diagonal.

Then the connection of the end point of the rectangle can by linked to the middle point. The result is 4 triangular surfaces.

In a more advanced study, it would be interesting to define more precisely the pattern of the window (make the rotation of 180° and complexify the number of point influencing the panels).


  1. Error: Unable to create directory /var/www/html/piraeus/wp-content/uploads/2020/01. Is its parent directory writable by the server? Nathaniel says:

    You correctly identify that there is a recurring pattern going on here, but I’m not sure you got the right one. The 180 degree rotation is rather important – or at least a third type of panel is important – and means that your grasshopper patterns of red/green are fundamentally different than your analysis pattern of red/blue/black. Without even worrying about the geometry of the panel, can you produce the predominantly ABCABCABCAC pattern of the actual building? What about the anomalous panels? And precisely what do you want to happen if the number of panels changes? Clearly the pattern changes, but I cannot tell if you are actively taking control of how it changes or just accepting what happens.
    Double-check your hyperlinks; I don’t think everything is pointing where you would like.
    Regarding your sources, make sure you add the original GHX definitions to your SVN folder and then copy it for your modifications in order to create the proper file history like we discussed in the first workshop.

  2. Error: Unable to create directory /var/www/html/piraeus/wp-content/uploads/2020/01. Is its parent directory writable by the server? Nathaniel says:

    I’m not sure about that [Stream Gate] component I mentioned, but you can do this with several [Cull Pattern]s. You’ll have to modify it if you want to go beyond the simple ABC pattern and if you want it to be dynamic with the number of panel divisions you’ll probably have to get into some scripting. The GHX definition is on the SVN.

    • Error: Unable to create directory /var/www/html/piraeus/wp-content/uploads/2020/01. Is its parent directory writable by the server? Stephane says:

      Great thank you very much. It will definitly help me!I will work on that toonight

      • abe says:

        Hey Stefane, really impressed with the work on your project! I am working on a facade study this semester in studio and would love to pick your brain about the grasshopper definition you came up with for the trutec, drop me a line if can, thanks-abe (akinne5 @ lsu.edu)

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