These images show how the Weaire and Phelan configuration work. There are two distinc geometries, rotated in space to create a groupe of 8 pieces. That was the starting point for the Watercube project. This group of cells can be arrayed in x, y and z axis as many times as you want. You can choose to cut/carve out any piece you want out of this pile of bubbles. The orientation of the cutting planes strongly determines the final aspect of the pattern: cutting planes parrallel to x, y and z axis will look extremely repetitive. once you have slice the bubble mass, you also have to cut your main form by the cells themselves. I did a quick grasshopper definition to show one possible way of mamterializing the structure from these bubbles.

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  1. mario says:

    hi there, nice job
    any chance to share the definition?

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