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(no) ruins tower

method pin up

The evolution of my project come to the reconsideration of the powerful verticality of the Piraeus’s tower. I recreate an unity among boxes for use same grammar than sun shades. This new situation bring us to rethink the grasshopper definition for sun shades. Now, the seed of drowing sun shades comes directly from geometry boxes. The axes of the end is different from the axis of begining. They follow the way of boxes. This new research requires a new definition of the materiality of the  boxes. So I remove metal mesh  to create a  simple accident inside the sun shades. So inside, I find again the light flows that generate glass boxes.

The general result is more organic, nearest of my primary hope to recreate vertical ruins.

black ruins tower:)

pdf of presentation

ruins tower, self evaluation

After the commentary, I try to justify position’s boxes. I started by project  environant buildings on face rings. First ring sinificate nearly view (like park, industrial port…). The second ring sinificate farest view (acropolis, stadium, montains…). And the last  significate unterminable landscape give by sea.

I divided this three arrays for make a specifical point of view, and I project it with normal vector on the surfaceof piraeus tower.

With this new list point I divide it randomely for creat 3 groups for 3 kind of boxes. I continuate by creat a main geometry based about this points and the first normal line .

I tried to keep the general boxes shape of piaeus toxer competition, because I throught they was a expressive forme, and the forme follow the fonction. After worked day and night on the Grasshopper definition,  the resulte is simply calamitous. It’s just the same project than 3 week ago. Just for me I know who I built it, the boxes positions are justifate and the shape are really built with a point of vew. But the main of project, the fondamental idea aren’t grow up. And I realise too, the boxes havn’t the same scale of the tower, they aren’t stone like I send the project, they are just a gravels.

So now I need to work about other vocabulary. Keep the main idee of main point of view, but adding it with a scale wich correspond to piraeus tower.

I hope my text is clearly. if isn’t. please tell me, I restart it.

draft ruins tower

mid term review; ruins project

The piraeus tower is the highest tower of the city, and due to its localisation close to the historic center of Athenes and the piraeus port, it offers varied and unique preceptions of the Athenian landscape. The project takes the various views on the region as a starting point for the design of the building’s new facade. Indeed, boxes are added on the facade, directed towards the different landmarks of the region, from the Acropolis to the mountains, the port and the sea landscape. It also wants to find a playfull relationship to the ruins of athenes region, simultaniousely revealing them through the orientations of the boxes, and taking inspiration from them in the imagery of the project.

The facades composition are expressing this idea of turing towards ruins with the emergence of random looking boxes, whose orientations and positionning can only be understood from the inside, and keep a certain mystery from the outside.

Programmatic boxes are embedded within a field of louvers in a manner reminiscent of stone fragments within a grassy temple site. This makes the reading of the facade multiple, simultaniousely very modern in the materiality and the appearance, and ruin-like in the complexity, and the interweaving of building structure and proeminent vegetation. This ruin idea also drives the meandering nature of the stairs, that could provide a guide-tour itinerary through the building.

This facade is an energy-effective way of shading the building, as much as in iconic image for the piraeus.

Comprised of prefabricated structural frames and glass curtain-walls, the boxes are wrapped in an expanded metal mesh which frames views and prevents glare.

Attached to and extending the existing structure, the boxes house a variety of programs including conference rooms, viewing platforms, garden terraces, restaurant seating, and fire stairs.

In the Athenian climate, heat gain is one of the foremost concerns. It is essential that the thermal enclosure of the building be shaded from direct sunlight whenever possible. The existing envelope is replaced by a simple curtain wall and wrapped with a screen of vertical louvers.

The vertical louvers deform around the boxes, providing further protection from the sun and creating a visual density that reinforces the privileged vantage points of each box.

Made from Corian®, the organic deformation of the louvers coupled with the punctual presence of the boxes restore a new youth to the tower, wrapping it in a dynamic and ecological skin.

The Piraeus Tower becomes a new landmark within the city, inspired by the past to build the future.

new ruines

In 2 dimentions, with  boxes, the project come so poor.  sun shaders disparesed to a big surface. so I give 3 dimentions. I créate surface with a curve who creat sun shader but they turn at 90°

adding box

For start, I had studie the differents kinds of natural ventilation and sun shader for find a way for explore my project. The  scketch below on right speak about a kind of glass who reflect 70% of  heat gain again 30% for a glass normal.I know i’ts interesting  be free for create original sun shader and non think a lot of double skin glasses.( Do you know what I mean??).

X2random facade, Gehry project, art gallery to Ontario

This facade is composed of two layers.

The first composes the mean structure. This structure is constituted of fourty-seven inclined  wood posts. Their length and curvature depend on their location in the structure. Between them, six parts of stiff wood carry out to keep distance between inclined wood.

The second layer is the skin impervious to water and air. It is composed of glass panels plan, cut into quadrilateral. On a same horizontal row, the panels are the same. In vertical rows, the opposite, the panels are different, because the  section isn’t a circle segment.

To create the grasshopper model, I needed to mind of the length beetween layers. How many subdivisions for the glass; keep the same number for the stiff wood structure and for the horizontal structure of glass.

I know, the “virtual limit” of this structure is on the genéral shape. If we look the start and the end of facade, we can see 2 elements which are constituated of triangular panes.  I like the idea that certain panels are identical, so it’s possible for Piraeus tower to think a repetitive shape which grows up of the facade. For the Greenhouse (effet de serre) product by an overexposure of glass skin, I know it’s possible to place “against sun ray”on the structural glass. Moreover the interior space seems nice: lot of sun, possibilities of ventilation (?aerata) on the top, and to pull in air below.

If someone has 5 minutes ,is it possible to correct mistakes in English ?

question pour tout le monde.

does anyone know if it’s possible to find the normal  point on a line?

my work 2 week ago, sorry for the late