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Panoramic stairs Final review

You can download the connected files here:

pdf presentation

pdf layout 1
pdf layout 2

ghx grasshopper definition

Panoramic stairs PinUp Review

You can download the documents connected with the PinUp review here:

pdf presentation

ghx grasshopper script

StairPath board

Stairs’ path finder

Here are some document I found or produced.

Plan and Section.

I’m following my research on the panoramic stairs. I’m stucked with Mapping trees in GH and I were not able to solve a VB error. May any of you take a look at the sketch and propose me any solution?

And about Trees and VB scripts, I looked at GH documentation and there seems to be no way to navigate in trees (adressing each item like TREE{A;B;C}(i)). There is only one level navigation possible TREE(i). Is that true?

The GH file is here, and should be autonom (no link with any Rhino’s geometry).


Enveloped stairs

I’m currently fighting with Grasshopper to get out something… here is the WIP. To be honest, the stairs aren’t parametric until now.

To run, the ghx file needs just a box and 7 attraction points. Here is the ghx definition.

Linking files in the blog

You have 2 ways to get the adress of one specific file on the SVN:

In your own folders structure, navigate to your file. Right click on it and select Properties. In the Subversion tab, copy the second URL entry (the one with %20 instead of spaces).

Otherwise, you can go to and navigate to your file. Right click on it and select Copy link… (Copier l’adresse du lien…)

That’s it!

X2 – Agbar Tower, double skin

This document presents the components of the Agbar Tower facade and its layers organization. The tower proposes 2 separated layers, one with the views/inlight openings (random) and the symbolic design of a geyser, while the other one sets a series of sanded/not-sanded glas panels, oriented regarding sunlight incidence. The facade is organized with those 2 separated layers, one with symbolic mean, the other on climatic purpose.

Here comes a very succinct idea about project in Piraeus.

X1 – Agbar Tower, oriented louvers

Agbar Tower, Barcelona by Jean Nouvel proposes a double facade, a structural envelope on the inside and a glas-panels system on the outside. Those last are oriented and materialized regarding the sunlight incidence, while the envelope is covered by color squares.

You can download the Rhino-file (base curves) over here.

The first sketch explores the possiblities of partition of one panel (about 3 unit squares height). Once divided, each subpanel can be rotated to follow a given orientation.

Rhino screenshot

Grasshopper screenshot
Grasshopper file

The second sketch studies the envelope partition to get each panel. It proposes a way to set the color of the panel regarding height (red) and sunlight direction (blue).

Rhino screenshot

Grasshopper screenshot
Grasshopper file