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Final review photographs up on Flickr

Photographs from the final review have been added to the EPFL Organicités Studios Flickr photostream.

I am Franck. I am French. I am sorry.

Photographs by Trevor Patt.

Model photographs up on Flickr

Photographs of study and final models have been added to the EPFL Organicités Studios Flickr photostream.

All photographs © 2010 Alain Herzog unless otherwise noted.

Pin-up brief added and other announcements

The brief for the feedback systems portion of the course in now up. Please have a look and continue developing your projects in this direction.
Thursday we will have a guest presentation by Andrew Witt of Gehry Technologies, Paris @ 16h00, BC129. We will still meet in the atelier at 13h00 for desk crits, have a sign-up list filled out.
The schedule for the Atelier des Maquettes machines during finals period is out. We have a total of 8 hours on the Zunds and 4 hours on the laser. These sums are divided into half-hour sessions which means that everyone will have at least one slot and the remainder will have to be determined by lottery. More info will be given on Thursday.
Until then, stay busy and post something!

Context model

I’ve added a context model including the topographical ground, adjacent buildings, and existing concrete tower structure. This should be particularly helpful for those of you trying to do sun-related studies but haven’t yet gotten very realistic about the shading effects of the nearby buildings.

workshop updates

Just a note to point out that a few new files have been added to the workshops pages:
Intersections / CurveGrid to CellGrid in w4
Reading and writing to spreadsheets (with OpenOffice Calc) in w3
Box Morph in (with OpenOffice Calc) in w2

Site Visit Info

Flight Information

03/03 GVA->ATH 11h30 – 15h10 Flybaboo F7 292
Meet either at Lausanne Gare 09h35 or Flybaboo check-in area 10h30.
The check-in desk closes 40 minutes prior to departure. DO NOT BE LATE!
Wait for group before checking in. Nathaniel has all flight confirmations.
Don’t forget identity documents.

07/03 ATH-> GVA 15h55 – 17h50 Flybaboo F7 295

Hotel Information

Athens Backpackers
12 Makri Street
Makryanni Athens
GR 117-42
metro: Acropoli
+30 210 9224044


Map & Addresses

Google Maps with important destinations and addresses:

View Athens Studio Trip in a larger map

Athens Metro Map:

Further Information

Everybody should bring sketching supplies.

Additional workshop documentation

Reference images and links to grasshopper definition files added to the Workshop 1 page.

Case Study Sign-Up

See the brief here.
Students are to work in small groups of 2-3 to present an organic case study. Please sign-up in the comments below.

WIP presentation 10h15-12h00 Friday 12 March

  • Glass sponge
  • Coral

WIP presentations 10h15-12h00 Friday 19 March

  • Lichen
  • Cape sundew

WIP presentations 10h15-12h00 Friday 26 March

  • Sea cucumber
  • Gecko

Precedent Sign-up

Select your precedent in the comments below. First-come, first-served.
KPF | Pinnacle London | London, UK
OMA |CCTV | Beijing, China
Asymptote | Strata Tower | Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jean Nouvel | Torre Agbar | Barcelona, Spain
LAB | Soho Shangdu | Beijing, China
Schneider + Schumacher | Westhafen Tower | Frankfurt, Germany
Barkow Leibinger | Trutec | Seoul, Korea
Krueck + Sexton | Spertus Institute | Chicago, USA
SHoP | The Porter House | New York, USA
Alejandro Aravena | Siamese Towers | Santiago, Chile
SANAA | Christian Dior | Tokyo, Japan
Herzog & de Meuron | Prada Aoyama | Tokyo, Japan
Office dA | Daniels Faculty | Toronto, Canada
Diener & Diener | Novartis | Basel, Switzerland
Gehry Partners | Art Gallery | Ontario, Canada
LAB | Federation Square | Melbourne, Australia
Rafael Moneo | Congress Center | San Sebastián, Spain
Peter Zumthor | Kunsthaus | Bregenz, Austria
PTW | Watercube | Beijing, China

Site Visit Options

Option 1

5 days / 4 nights ~CHF481

Option 2

4 days / 3 nights ~CHF515