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nice modell(s)…

crystal mesh facade in singapore
WOHA and realities:united (Berlin)

might be interesting for all dealing with media facade, LED-elements and crystal effects,
not to forget the iconographic effect…
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pic 1_mall in singapore
pic 2_close up facade
pic 3_realization
pic 4_computer generated study modell
pic 5_real study modell
pic 6_element mock up

and here is a film.

(c) pictures by Patrick Bingham-Hall, Tim Griffith and realities:united, from www.baunetz.de 10/05/19

New Grasshopper Version out

I’ve just seen that a new grasshopper version is out! But as David Rutten mentiones, there might be several problems with it… So be careful and read this first!! I’ve just opened my file in the new version and so far everything (expect pipe-components) works fine… In case of problems the old (0.6.0059) version is still online for download.


Mid-term jurors

Thanks to our excellent jurors:


Here is the blog, “hyperbody“, of the Faculty of Architecture at the Delft University of Technology. The blog  is definitly a good source of inspiration…

Creating a Toolbar in Rhino

For anyone who is still interested in making a separate toolbar for Grasshopper:

Go to ‘Tools’
Select ‘Toolbar Layout’
Choose ‘File’ > ‘New’ give the new toolbar a name and a filelocation
Right-Click in the lower box and Select ‘Add Button…’

Right-Click in the lower box again and select ‘Properties’ then set the Button size

Shift + Right-Click the new button to open the ‘Edit Toolbar Button’ dialog box
give the button a roll-over text “grasshopper”
and assign the button command to open grasshopper “!_grasshopper”
select Edit Bitmap and give the button an icon (you can import an image from photoshop: ‘File’ > ‘Import Bitmap’)

my button file for 16×16 pixel buttons

watch this…

bmw car technologie: click here

Another Competition

A new competition was just announced that is also sympathetic with our studio’s aims:

Administered by d3, the competition is entitled “Natural Systems” and is based upon a similar hypothesis as our case study series:

The competition calls for innovative proposals that advance sustainable thought and performance through the study of intrinsic environmental geometries, behaviors, and flows. By identifying, examining, and applying their structural order on form and function- -bottom-up, performance-based solutions for limitless building typologies, functional programs, and material conditions may be realized.

Registration Deadline: July 5, 2010
Submission Deadline: July 15, 2010
Student entries cost USD25.-

Article About Our Site Visit

Our exploits in Greece have been written about by greekarchitects.gr:

It is a great honor and pleasure for GreekArchitects.gr the fact that a department of architecture has chosen to use the architectural competition as part of the educational process and indeed to participate with many different proposals. This fact shows that the choice of the specific issue overpass the narrow topographic boundaries of Greece and constitutes an object of problematic at a wider level, by promoting simultaneously Athens internationally.

[.3dm] available: 3d Model Piraeus Tower

I did a new 3d model of the tower using the plans/section/elevations.

This model should correspond to the physical model scale 1:100 we will have. It means if you want your façade to fit on the model you should use this 3d model to work on.

[handcraft needed] physical model

Hi everybody, I’m working on the decoupe file in order to prepare a physical model of the Piraeus tower. I would be glad if some of you could give me a hand to build/paint it!