The purpose of the first short design assignment is to establish a trajectory for investigation. Initiated on-site, you are to define a topic of inquiry and an intuitive design hypothesis related to the re-skinning of Piraeus Tower by means of a single sketch in any analog medium of your choosing.
The esquisse is not binding but must be executed in earnest. Through the development your hypothesis into a thesis, you may choose to explore adjacent topics or even your own antithesis. In other words, the sketch is meant to organize and focus your first phase of research and should be viewed as the intellectual thread linking all of your exercise, workshop, and case study experiments.

  • one sketch, any analogue media, any scale
  • narrative explaining the sketch’s definition of topic and hypothesis (note that the definitions occur IN THE SKETCH rather than in the narrative; the words just support the sketch)
  • present Friday 05 March time TBD
  • publish blog post by 12h00 Monday 08 March