Mid-term Review


The mid-term review is the synthetic presentation of your research and should focus on the crystallization of your esquisse hypothesis to a fully formed design thesis. To this end, you are to create a system for architectural enclosure comprised of one or more design engines and demonstrate the system’s various potentials. Meanwhile, the Piraeus competition deadline falls on 14 April. To this end, you are to test and refine your system for the specific needs of Piraeus Tower.


The several parts of your presentation should work together to make a coherent whole rather than simply re-present the same material in a different medium.

  • argument: digital presentation
  • potential: animation or real-time engine demonstration
  • implementation: one competition board 594 x 792 mm (see x5 requirements)
  • process/evidence: physical model study series


Notes & Advice
  1. Representation & production
    • Don’t attempt to figure everything out
    • Make storyboards of your digital & print presentations
    • Identify every piece of representation that you need to explain your project
    • Immediately produce a version of everything you need, no matter how crude
    • Focus on refining this limited set of representation rather than attempting a comprehensive construction-document-type of representation
    • Think of the next 2 weeks as ‘critical production mode’
    • Still stuck? Make exactly the representation we have asked for in the briefs
  2. Methodology & Workflow
    • Work both bottom-up and top-down
    • Work on both the aggregated, parametric detail and the global, iconic composition
    • Work in whatever software you are comfortable with
  3. General
    • Make more ‘process’ & ‘question’ posts
    • Borrow ideas from each other and external sources
    • Spend more time in the atelier
    • When stuck, work on a different piece of representation
    • Make everything you produce contribute to your needed representation
    • Aim for simple ideas that are thoroughly executed, this will become complex
    • Talk to everyone that you can about your project
    • Schedule informal crits over the break