Progress Pin-up

Feedback Systems

The progress pin-up is your final opportunity for outside criticism before the final review. You are encouraged to present work-in-progress, sketches, study models, and other unpolished media as the focus is on the organization and narrative of your argument rather than the sleekness of your representation.
The content of your work should illustrate a feedback system, including the following:

  • Responsive Analysis, a measured evaluation based on your critique of the existing conditions visualized according to a pertinent metric
  • Parametric Module, a repetitive but variable tectonic assembly whose deformation logic is informed by the metric of your analysis
  • Recursive Instantiation, the implementation of your parametric module according to the analysis and the subsequent cycles of reanalysis and adaptation until some well-defined termination condition
  • any and all work in progress suitable to relate the entire narrative of your project: print media and/or digital slideshow
  • data-based computational analysis such as a heatmap or vector field: see below
  • matrix of parametric variation for your tectonic assembly: see below
  • animation or real-time engine demonstration of your system’s instantiation according to template (to be given)
  • individual presentations with staff 10h15 – 15h00 Friday 14 May, schedule TBD
  • publish blog post by 12h00 Monday 17 May
  • selected engine demonstrations with external guests Friday 21 May, schedule TBD