Case Study Brief

Available Case Study topics can be found here

Differentiation Case Study Brief
  • Select one of the cases; you will work in teams of 2-3 people

  • Group

  • For each of the topics patterns, layers, openings, and joints, create a morphological taxonomy representing the range of shapes your case can exhibit
  • Identify subsets of features produced using differentiation, either within each single taxonomy or across multiple

  • Individual

  • Select one differentiated subset relevant to your larger research goals
  • Create a single parametric formation with driving parameters and associative relationships that can produce the observed range of shapes
  • Modify the process, factors, and scale of this formation for an architectural purpose, explain the translation and establish the limits of these relationships

  • digital slideshow presenting a portrait of your case, each morphological taxonomy, each differentiated subset, and any other diagrams deemed necessary

  • Individual

  • (1) biological and (1) architectural parametric model and layered flowchart
  • (1) biological and (1) architectural composite drawing @ an appropriate scale
  • WIP presentations 10h15-12h00 Friday 12, 19, or 26 March (intermediate blog post due the following Monday)
  • publish final blog post by 11h59 Monday 29 March