x4 Juncture

Assembly & Articulation
  • Create a taxonomy of corners (ground, roof, plan &c.) in your precedent; select one for detailed study
  • Analyze this joint as a parametric formation, exposing the driving parameters and associative relationships
  • Explain the architectonic factors (material, environmental, tectonic &c.) of the parameterization and establish the limits of these relationships
  • Extract an aspect of your analysis and reinterpret it or react to it to continue developing the Piraeus project
  • parametric model and layered flowchart
  • composite drawing @ 1:20 (scale flexible, hard-line drawing and material identification required)
  • Piraeus section study model @ 1:20
  • Piraeus human-scale perspective (describing materiality)
  • present 10h15 – 12h00 Thursday 25 March
  • NOTE: The staff will select three projects to receive subsidized registration for the Piraeus Tower competition based upon the presentations given to this date. All students are encouraged to submit to the competition whether or not they are selected to receive subsidization.
  • publish blog post by 12h00 Monday 29 March