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Common data

here are the last CAD drawing (rhino 4 files):


be aware of:


–> if you want to be sure of the scale,  check the layer “_NOTES” / sub layer “_SCALE” or “_LAYER ON


–> dont know how to get rid of it on rhino,  the only layers that i hav redrawn for the moment and are 100% clean are the layers  called “_STRUCTURE” (in evey files)

flickr page

So, as Nathaniel emailed us, we have now access to a PRO flickr account, where we can share pictures. We were thinking about adding a maximum of 10 pictures per student. That the collection won’t get too messy, we were thinking about putting each picture into one of the following four sets:

  • piraeus tower
  • ancient buildings
  • urban fabric
  • athens_stuff

In addition to sort the pictures into the sets, you should put your name into the picture’s name and if you wish you can also add a description or/and tags. We already uploaded a selection from our pictures, so the four sets exist already. But of course in future there might be some more sets added for other pictures.
As Stéphane and me are flickr beginners too, these are just some suggestions and please speak up if there is another (better/easier) way.

As Nathaniel mentioned after each use you have to log out from the account, that other can access it!


flickr page for the studio

Hi everybody!

we had the idea that everybody who was on the trip to Athens should upload some pictures for everybody’s use. For that reason we opened a page for our studio. Of course this page can also be used as platform for uploads of other photos that anybody wants to share if they are too big for the blog.

After setting up the flickr account, we realized that there is a limited upload of 100MB per month, what would be by far not enough. But there would be the possibility to pay US$ 25 for unlimited upload for 12 months. The picasa site would also be a possibility, but there we’d have similar problems…

So please just give us your opinion. Do you think that would be useless? Would it be worth US$ 25? Or does somebody know another way for sharing pictures?

Piraeus Tower studio launched

This is the online platform for Organicités: Piraeus Tower, an architectural design studio taught by Jeffrey Huang, Trevor Patt, and Nathaniel Zuelzke at the École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in the Spring semester 2010.

If it is your first time at the site, we recommend you see Using the SuperStudio Platform.

The Organicités studios explore the digital generation of architecture using biological paradigms. Asking such questions as:

  • How can the dynamic achieved by these analogies produce sophisticated and contemporary forms empathetic with natural ecology?
  • How can this inbuilt empathy produce formal innovation and ensure performance-oriented architecture attuned with its environment to suggest a redefinition of architectural sustainability?

The site is also part of SuperStudio, a longer-term investigation into the impact of digital technologies and techniques on the studio pedagogy. The SuperStudio platform is composed of a set of web applications giving an overview of activity and collaboration within the atelier.

Previous Organicités and SuperStudio researches can be found in the Past Studios archives to the right.