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Creating a Toolbar in Rhino

For anyone who is still interested in making a separate toolbar for Grasshopper:

Go to ‘Tools’
Select ‘Toolbar Layout’
Choose ‘File’ > ‘New’ give the new toolbar a name and a filelocation
Right-Click in the lower box and Select ‘Add Button…’

Right-Click in the lower box again and select ‘Properties’ then set the Button size

Shift + Right-Click the new button to open the ‘Edit Toolbar Button’ dialog box
give the button a roll-over text “grasshopper”
and assign the button command to open grasshopper “!_grasshopper”
select Edit Bitmap and give the button an icon (you can import an image from photoshop: ‘File’ > ‘Import Bitmap’)

my button file for 16×16 pixel buttons

[.3dm] available: 3d Model Piraeus Tower

I did a new 3d model of the tower using the plans/section/elevations.

This model should correspond to the physical model scale 1:100 we will have. It means if you want your façade to fit on the model you should use this 3d model to work on.

some useful links/tutorials

the links and files you’ll find when klicking on this link might be useful for everybody.

It’s a link to our UE-wiki made by Russell Loveridge from LAPA. So thanks to him!