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x1 – Siamese towers

Siamese towers – Alejandro Araneva

The building is composed of a core which is divided at the top into 2 distinct towers. The facade composition is composed of a grid of both horizontal and vertical lines. The horizontal lines correspond to the floor slabs, whereas the others depend on both the structure and the inclination of the contour of the building.

By trying to schematize this principle, the composition of a shape is influenced by the sides of this exact same shape. The inclination of the glass divisions comes from the inclination of its closest side in the building silhouette. An exception to this principle is made by doing some pure vertical lines for structural reasons.

Through the creation of a random shape in Rhino that tries to respond to the rules above, we can recreate a system with the same principles :

Siamese towers

According to my interpretation of the building, the grid is composed of the floors slabs creating a serie of horizontal lines, and a series of lines that create an angle of a bit more or less than 90° with the grid. The inclination of those lines depends on the inclination of the silhouette lines of the building. If one of those lines corresponds to two different silhouette lines, a diagonal appears where the shift in the contour is made. The longest part of the segment cut by the diagonal influences its inclination. The following scheme translates this explanation into a rule :

If we look closer at the lateral division, the inclination of the vertical lines varies randomly of a couple of degrees, even though the general direction stays the one of the contour line. Moreover, some lines are influenced by major stuctural lines that remain purely vertical.

Following this statement, my interpretation can adapt to any kind of shape :

According to my interpretation, I developped two versions, but I cannot go further at that step. One version develops the lines independently from the surface, the other according to it. But in the second one I didn’t succeed in making an horizontal line for the floors. I still have to add the different inclination and set the rules with grasshopper. Is it possible to get some help for those problems?