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X3_Crystal facade

Inspired by the Spertus Institute facade, I would like to give Piraeus tower a light and reflective facade.

“The breakthrough for the Spertus facade came in the form of a Y-shaped mullion, the curved face of which accommodates the complex geometry of the faceted wall by allowing attached brackets to rotate freely along the horizontal plane. To achieve the vertical changes in plane, almost a third of the 227 aluminum mullions, which are lined up parallel to each other along the jagged floor-slab edges, were either sloped outwards towards the street, or back away from it.”

( Architectural Record,

x2_Spertus Institute

Oriented on the East side, the facade of the Spertus Institute is completely covered with glass.

The particularity of the facade is that there is some kind of extrusion in relation with plans which make more privacy for users.

The facade is composed with several layers. First one, the structural elements. Second, the panels of glass with sash. Third, which can maybe be combined with the panels of glass, some tops which make the extrusion of the facade.

In comparison with the Piraeus tower, I think that this kind of facade can not work. With the warm weather in summer, it might probably be very difficult to be in these so luminous and warm spaces.

x1_Krueck+Sexton_Spertus Institute_Chicago

The facade of this building seems to be composed with four main “tops”.

Each one is linked with another top and with some points which are on the edge of the facade.

I think that these tops are randomly placed because if we look at plans, the program doesn’t seem to influence the facade.

These tops moves into the coordinate “x” and “y”.

I’ve made one pattern with grasshopper. One top is linked with the extremities and can move. I’v tried to place an other point but I don’t know really how to do for the next step.