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(this post has to be consideres as my post-test.)

This table is not finished yet, there are still some problems to overcome,

e.g. the realations, what of these parts is fixe, and which could be moved, as a question of reference system.

The planes and cubes are created by ‘extruded’ lines, and the legs are positioned with ‘offset’.

solid table

Very simple table that consists of only one closed polysurface (solid) generated by three center boxes using boolean difference.


rhino views of two backed exampels and the grasshopper model

sliders to change

  • thickness of the top
  • section of the lags
  • hight, width and length
  • GH canvas which is very messy, there would be a much 'cleaner' way to do it I gues.

    to have a closer look to the Grasshopper file

    Exercice_table in grasshopper